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March 27
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"Parentis amorem." and Whitney's staff appears.

Outside the Dojo, Whitney caught her breath.

"You know that she won't tell without a fight." Goldenfang growled.

Whitney nodded in agreement, then slammed the door open, "SAMUSAGI ASHIDA-NO-UJI! WE NEED TO TALK!"

Samusagi was practicing with the blades, trying to perfect her skills, as usual. She turned towards Whitney's unusual loud voice, but finding herself, being thrusted into the wall, cracking it. Whitney's face was full of hatred, anger, and feeling betrayed.

"HOW LONG, ASIDA-NO-UJI!" Whitney demanded.

"What do you mean, Whitney~Desu?" Samusagi asked.


Samusagi remained silent, which was the wrong response. The normal calm, slightly shy, peace-loving, Nun-like Whitney Slayer, had snapped. She grabbed  Samusagi, not by the collar of her Gi, but by Samu's own bare neck and squeezed, hard, with her nails going into her neck, until a blood drop came out. Than Whitney threw Samusagi across the room, at the very target that she was shooting at. She crashed with a loud bang.

Samusagi stood up, a bit woozy, and surprised by Whitney's behavior. She magically, to protect herself, donned on her Battle Suit.

"Esserker!" Samusagi screamed, and her weapon appeared.

"Et adorabunt de inferno liberabis." and Whitney's Demonic Suit appeared, she finishes it up with, "Lillith irae.", to turn her staff into her Demonic Rapier, called Lillith's Wrath.

Samusagi and Whitney were going at it. The noise of the battling was so loud the entire school, as well as the teachers were present. Melfara, as well, came running as fast as her little legs could carry her.

"What's going on here!~Chuu" Melfara demanded.

Kiyoko ran up to her, Kaeda, Morgana and Professor Cornett, "It's Whitney! She's attacking Samusagi for using Black Mag-!"

The entire wall exploded outward. Suddenly they saw Samusagi and Whitney, still fighting. Even Leonel and Hasatan were there, watching the fight. Melfara was concerned for both Samusagi and Whitney, but the energy that Whitney was producing had paralyzed her.

Damien looked at Morgana, "You and Kaeda get Samu."

"Right." Morgana nodded, than looked at Kaeda, "Let's go."

Soon they were running. Damien looked at the situation and figured that besides him, only a few ladies have any chance of calming Whitney down.

"Victoria, Tete, Kiyoko, Majoria, and you too, Syena. We are going after Whitney." Damien ordered.

In perfect unison, they said, "Yes, Professor.", and followed him. As the six of them got closer, A fireball came out of nowhere. Everyone looked up and saw the Darkangels. Hasatan, with his hand imitaing a fired gun, Leonel Darkangel, WHitney's boyfriend and two ladies. One lady, possibly older in appearance, was a raven-black haired and it was down to her hip. The younger lady, had crimson-colored hair that is shoulder-length and in twin-French-Braid-style. Only Leonel was wearing the Melfar Academy uniform. The other three were wearing black clothing. The younger one had a more Emo-Goth-Punk look going, while the older one had an early Victorian dress on, one that you expect a Queen to wear.

"Leonel, you and your sister, Lilitu, go stop them." Hasatan commanded, "While Pandora and I will return to our home." Than the parents were gone, in a cloud of smoke.

Lilitu was punching her palm and cracks her neck, "Finally! I can PLAY!", than she jumped down to block their path.

Leonel simply floated down until he gently touched the ground. Lilitu was bouncing, and non-verbally, taunting the ladies to battle. Victoria moved in front of the group, along side Damien.

"We can handle them. You four got get her." Victoria said, before she and Damien attacked Leonel and Lilitu.

While they are fighting, the other four ran towards Whitney, and Melfara was ordereing the others back, and since she is the Headmistress, they obeyed. The four was able to pulled Whitney away, with Kiyoko wrapping her Shinobi Scarf around Whitney's mouth to prevent any spellcasting.

Victoria and Damien were badly bruised and bleeding. Leonel and Lilitu were also badly bruised, but not bleeding, visibly anyways. Despite being badly bruised up, Lilitu was smiling.

"Not bad. One of you little rodents actually know how to fight. What's your name?" Lilitu asked.

"Victoria. Victoria Bennet." Victoria replied, "Yours?"

Lilitu went into a bow, "Lilitu Calpse Darkangel, Princess of Hell and Tartarus, but I just want Tartarus."

Than Lilitu punches Leonel square in the side. He bowed, "I'm Leonel Apo Darkangel, Prince of Hell and Tartarus, Head-handler of the Hellhound Corps."

"Damien Leon Cornett, Professor of Class One-One of Melfar Academy." Damien staring at Leonel, not moving at all.

Than Lilitu stood next to her brother, "Guess we'll see you next time, Losers!", than she was laughing an almost-Joker laugh as they disappears in a cloud of smoke.

Victoria smiled, but thought, "Blasted villain-sues. We are going to have problems with them, but at least I have a worthy opponient in Lilitu Darkangel."

Melfara returned and Morgana was tending to Damien's and Victoria's wounds after dealing with Samusagi, whom was still standing.

"What's all of this fighting over, Onee-chan!-Chuu" Melfara screamed at Samusagi.

Kiyoko, whom was still struggling with Whitney's mouth, yelled, "Because  Samusagi is using Black Magic! When she kissed Kazuhiku, Goldenfang, and after drinking some of her tea, Whitney as well, smelled decaying flesh coming from her!"

Damien saw the four whom was holding Whitney beginning to lose their grips. He spoked in an authoritative voce that both Whitney and Goldenfang couldn't disobey, "Whitney, se détendre et se calmer, maintenant.", that was 'Whitney, relax and calm down, now.' in French.

Not only Whitney stopped struggling, but her three tails tucked themselves in-between her legs and she dropped to her knees. With a single motion of his hand, the four students released Whitney, amazed by Damien's influence over Whitney was.

"She wasn't thinking clearly. I know that Goldenfang might not like me, but she does listen to her superior without question." Damien sighed.

Melfara walked up to him, "How do chuu do that to her?"

Damien looked at Melfara, "When she is like this, she is a wolf. There are only two in this school whom has Alpha-wolf status. That would be you and me, Headmistress, but you have to be authoritative."

"I understand, Damien." Melfara looked at Samusagi, "But first, I have a word with Onee-Chan."

Melfara walked over to Samusagi, whom was sitting in the Varneo's tradtional way, and scared with her head down.

""Neea-chan"." Melfara growled. (Onee-chan.)

""Nani, Melfara?" Samusagi asked, in native tounge. (Yeah, Melfara?)

Melfara responded in the same language, "Mani mae saian luume neva i'naur sina?" (Is what that student said the truth?)

Samusagi looked up at her cousin, "Mer sila lumenn omentilmo, hiki f'e? Goldenfang a' lasser lle coia orn n' omenta llerse Vareldie. Lle lissenen ar' maska, 'lalaith tenna' lye omentuva!"  (( I told you before, didn't I? Goldenfang, as a creature, has the same magic level as we Varoes. You still don't seem to bother by it, this creature shouldn't be in the human world in the first place!))

Melfara was quite grumped at her older cousin, "Lle holma ve' edan! Dolle naa lost Sana sina!!" (( You said you'll keep an eye on it. But not use black magic!))

Samusagi pushed herself off the ground and began to walk away, "Tula, hama neva i'naur. En amin hiraetha." (( Nevermind, I'm done here. It's still weak.))

Melfara yelled back at her cousin, whom continues to walk away, "Ta tuluva a' lle!"  (( Don't ignore me! ))

Samusagi,  continued to walk way, "Mer sila hama neva i'naur." (( I said I'm done here. ))

Than Melfara turned and walked up to Whitney, whom is still in her Demon form. Melfara sat down, in the method she was raised up on, in front of Whitney, whom was shaking.

"Whitney, tell me the truth." Melfara pleaded, than became more authoritative, "I demand to know everything, Whitney Slayer."

Whitney's Wolf ears perked up, "While Kiyoko and I were walking after visiting the Cosplay shop, we saw Samusagi and Kazuhiku kissed. Goldenfang told me about decay flesh smell. I took a swig of the potion that Kaeda had made for me and I smelled it as well. It was Black Magic, to prolong one's life and magical ability. On top of that, she tricked a few of us to help her collect, and I was one of those students. Anyeays, as soon as I entered the Dojo and pinned her, I smelled the very same decaying flesh smell coming from her skin. I knew I was going to need all my strength to fight her so I emptied my canteen of the potion, which I had refilled after I arrived back at my dorm.", than she lowered her head, "I'm sorry, Headmistress."

Melfara smiled and petted her on her head, "It's okay, Whitney. As long as Chuu and Onee-chan are not seriously hurt, I'm happy."

"Why not revert back, Whitney?" Damien asked.

Whitney nodded, "Okay, Professor."

Whitney 's Demon reverted back, but a couple things remained. Whitney was wearing the School uniform and her eyes were normal again, but her wolf ears and tails remained. Whitney tried, and tried, but they remained. Kaeda walked over and pulled on one of the ears. They looked and her huamn ears were no longer there.

"How does this feel, Whitney?" Kaeda asked, while pulling.

""Truthfully, very painful, Professor Kaeda." Whitney grimaces.

Than Kaeda start tugging on one of Whitney's tails, and the same question-answer exchange happened again.  Kaeda was scratching her head. Damien leaned in and whispered in her ear, "I thought you said that the merging would've took two or three years."

"Technically, she is still in the merging process, but it might be more like one to two years this time." Kaeda whispered back.

They all walked back to their dorms, after taping up  the Dojo with"Do Not Enter" Tape. As soon as Whitney lay down on her bed, she fell into a fast slumber.  Syena also was soon fast asleep. Whatever happens now, Whitney is now, and forevermore, half wolf.

Until the next Chapter.........
Chapter 12

A fight between Samusagi and Whitney!


Syena Mizuki: :iconblackrosesyn:

Victoria Bennet: :iconyuvena:

Tete Lion: :iconlollylink:

Kiyoko Akimoto (Kitsune): :iconmitsuko-kitsune:

Samusagi: :iconsamusagi:

Melfara: :iconmelfara:

Professor Kaeda: :iconhina-monoko:

Professor Cornett: :icondemonfox9tails:

Morgana: :iconmycreativeinsanity:

Majoria: :icontoughenough:

Kazu: :iconkazuhiku:

Leonel Darkangel: :iconyoony10:

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