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Once the Exams were finally over, it was the weekend, and Whitney decided to finally check out the town that is on the island. Kiyoko wanted to join her, and they both were wearing their normal casual outfits. Kiyoko was wearing her normal Tokyo-style attire, while Whitney was wearing a White long-sleeve shirt, with a pair of black dress pants. She was wearing a white Beret that her grandfather Wolfgang had gave her for her birthday, with the Vatican mark sewed into the side. As well as her Rosary. She had a decent sized flask fromGrandfather Wolfgang's time in the second World War. The Swiss flag covers up the original flag that is on the flask. He's Swiss, but served as a Merc.

As they got into town, Kiyoko was complaining about food, as usual. Before long, she found a restauant that reminds her of home. The concept of it confuses Whitney beyond belief.

Kiyoko grabbed Whitney's arm, "Come on! It'll be fun! And I'm starving!"

They entered the establishment, and there was nothing but maids walking around and serving tables.

Whitney was visibly nervous, "What is this place?"

"It's a Maid Cafe!" Kiyoko, louder than nessary.

"This isn't normal." Whitney whispered.

"It is where I live." Kiyoko  dragged Whitney to a table.

Than an Elven lady, whom appears to be mid-teens, came by their table. She handed them a couple of menus than went away  because of another customer. Kiyoko quickly closes her menu, while Whitney looked confused beyond belief.

"You're okay, Whitney?" Kiyoko asked.

"I don't understand any of these names." Whitney sighed, plopping the menu down.

"It's all in plain English, Cuz. It's as plain as day." Kiyoko smiling.

"But these names are beyond plain nor clear! 'Dream on a Cloud'? 'High on the mountain of Love'? Whose right mind would even give food such bonker names?" Whitney said, slowly increasing her volume.

Kiyoko giggling, and taking away the Menu, "I'll order for the two of us. I know what's what. If you want me to, I can also order our desserts, alright?"

Whitney lowered her head in defeat, "Yes, please Kiyoko."

When the Maid-Waitress returned, "Are you ready to order, Miladies?"

Kiyoko answered the waitress in quick Japanese, and the Elven lady understood every word. Before long, the waitress left to fill out their order. After five minutes, exact, she returned with their meal. Their meals were different. Kiyoko went with all meat, while Whitney was more vegetarian.

"What I got is the 'Sea-King's Bounty' and you got is the 'Eden Delight'. Please don't bash the name." Kiyoko smiled.

"Thanks, Kiyoko." Whitney smiled and start eating.

"It's sure not easy being the only Vegetarian, or near-Vegan, in a family of Meat-lovers, I'm guessing." Kiyoko enjoying her meal.

"It sure isn't easy. Especially with a Hellhound as my alternative half. After that night, I never wish to eat meat ever again." Whitney, continue to eat her meal, "Milk and dairy products I can deal with, but eggs, no."

"I can understand, Whitney." Kiyoko smiled.

After they finished their meals, they ordered desserts. Kiyoko ordered a Vegan Dutch Chocolate Cake for Whitney and a Mayonnaise Milkshake for herself. Since it had eggs, Whitney kindly refused Kiyoko's offer of trying the strange Japanese dessert. Before long, they were done, and they left a twenty-percent tip for the waitress, on top of paying for their meal.

As they continue to walk around, Kiyoko dragged Whitney into a Japanese-inspired Costume shop. Kiyoko dressed up as one of her favorite anime characters. Kiyoko, while still wearing the costume, was trying to figure which one be good for Whitney, but still push her outside of her comfort zone. While Kiyoko was doing that, Whitney was quietly backing away from her, closer to the exit, but two pairs of arms stopped her.

"Where do you think you are going, Whitney?" a familiar feminine voice with that sarcastic tone.

"Yeah, Kiyoko asked us to come to see you in some costumes." Another familiar feminine voice more direct.

Kiyoko turned around, "Thanks for stopping her Victoria and Tete.", then she gave an anime-style creepy smile, "Time to get to work."

Whitney tried, but failed to escape, especially with super-human strong Victoria holding her. Tete and Victoria waited at the door, while Kiyoko was watching the door, waiting for Whitney to finish changing.

"Done, yet?" Kiyoko asked.

"Yeah, but I feel out of place with this outfit on." Whitney called out.

"You'll be fine. Come on out." Kiyoko commanded, and Whitney did.

She was blushing very badly. She was wearing a dark navy blue Japanese school shirt with a sky-blue skirt. She was forced to wear thigh-high navy-blue socks with brown shoes. She has a Shinto sword on her back and some kunais in one hand. It was an anime Kunoichi costume. Kiyoko shooked her head.

"Got the innocent blushing, but everything else is beyond fixing." Kiyoko sighed, than scream, "Next costume!"

Whitney, happy to get out of the outfit, but regretted it later. She came out with tall boots, that goes up to her thighs and socks that slightly go past her knees. The only good thing about the custome is the corset, but it was on the outside. When she showed off the anime maid outfit, only Tete liked it.

Whitney returned back inside the booth. She changed into another costume It was a Green buttoned jacket, with a black shirt. It also has a pair of brown military-like pants with Military boots. She doesn't need the beret, as she already has hers on. She looked in the mirror.

"Not bad, Whitney, compared to the first two, this one fits you better." Goldenfang smiled, inside Whitney's head.

"Thanks, Golden. What about the first two?" Whitney asked out loud.

"Both doesn't suit you, but they're be good for getting crazy." She said with a smile.


Hearing this, the three ladies giggled, full-knowning what the topic might be, if Whitney brought up Chari. Than Whitney came out, albeit blushing from her consveration with Goldenfang. The three likes it, and Kiyoko decided to buy it. After changing back into her normal clothes, Whitney went and put the ones that she isn't going to buy, back onto the racks.

Found out, that Kiyoko was a millionth customer. As a reward, she get two costumes, for free. Whitney's friends decided to pick. Victoria picked a Zakuro/Renee costume, while Tete picked the Holo the Wisewolf costume. Soon after they left the shop, Victoria said that she has to go somewhere with Koji. Tete also had other plans that she must attend to as well, so they left.

While Whitney and Kiyoko was walking, they heard a commotion. They checked it out, and there was Kazuhiku, and another woman. Suddenly, Samusagi came out from the crowd and, after saying something, she kissed Kazuhiku, on the lips.

"Hey, Do you smell that?" Goldenfang asked.

"Smell what, Golden?"  Whitney asked.

"Drink the tea and you'll smell it." Goldenfang suggested.

Whitney did and her nose became, for a brief time, as sensitive as Goldenfang's. There was a strong breeze, and it was blowing towards Whitney, while Samu was upwind. Whitney took in a deep sniff, and recognized the pudent smell. Unable to take the smell, she had to leave, back towards the Academy.

Kiyoko ran up to her, "Whitney, what's wrong?"

"I smell Decaying flesh. Someone is slowly dying, and are using Black Magic to prolong it." Whitney growled.

"Who is it?" Kiyoko asked.

"Samusagi, The Headmistress' cousin." Whitney than quickly looked at Kiyoko, "You don't say anything about her using Black Magic. I'll deal with it."

Kiyoko, jumped a bit, surprised from Whitney's seriousness, nodded, "And about her kissing Kazu?"

"Go wild with that part. You city-ites love to do all that blabbing, so that's fine." Whitney looked ahead again.

As soon as they got to the Dormatory, Kiyoko handed her the costumes and left. After Whitney entered her dorm, she locked the door. She tried on the other two costumes. She first tried on the the Zakuro costume.

"It's like your Other Battle Suit, but the color and weapon doesn't suit you." Goldenfang commented.

"Well, it's supposed to be a whip, I think, but I agree on the color. For me, either black or white clothing." Whitney commented back.

Than she tried on the Holo costume. She dranked another swig of the tea, to see herself with her future ears and tails. Whitney smiled, a bit.

"I love how this looks on me. Not much of the animal-like stuff, but I can deal with it." Whitney than pulled out the cloak that came with it, "I can use this."

"Between those two, I agree with you, Whitney. This one really suits you perfectly. Who knows? Maybe once the Merging is complete, you stop starving yourself." Goldenfang smiled.

Whitney kept her mouth shut. She changed back into her School uniform, but kept the cloak out. As soon as Whitney unlocked the door, it slammed into her face.

"WHITNEY! YOU IN HERE!" Kiyoko looked behind the door, "Oops, sorry."

Kiyoko closes the door, as Whitney was rubbing her nose. Kiyoko was bouncing. Before Whitney could say another word, Kiyoko's phone played, " A Female Ninja But I Want to Love", by Kagamine Ritsu and Hatsune Miku.

"HAI!" Kiyoko screamed the Japanese word for 'Yes' into the phone, and it was pressed up against her head. After some time, she hunged up, "I'M AN AUNT! I HAVE A BABY NEPHEW! I'M SO HAPPY!"

"That's good-" Whitney said, than the door slammed in her face again, but it was Syena, this time.

"Oh, Sorry, Whitney." Syena said.

"It's no problem. Is Samu back, yet?" Whitney asked.

"She's in the Dojo." Syena asked.

"Thanks." Whitney left for the Dojo, "Parentis amorem." and her staff appears.

Outside the Dojo, Whitney caught her breath.

"You know that she won't tell without a fight." Goldenfang growled.

Whitney nodded in agreement, than slammed the door open, "SAMUSAGI ASHIDA-NO-UJI! WE NEED TO TALK!"

To Be Continue........
Chapter 11

The news that Kiyoko was referring to:…

Costumes used:…………


Syena Mizuki: :iconblackrosesyn:

Victoria Bennet: :iconyuvena:

Tete Lion: :iconlollylink:

Kiyoko Akimoto (Kitsune): :iconmitsuko-kitsune:

Chari: :iconkokorochama:

Koji: :icongodstorm1990:

Kazu: :iconkazuhiku:

Leonel Darkangel: :iconyoony10:

Part 11: here.
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Hina-Monoko Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I wonder how Whitney would look like in a maid costume.
And poor girl she got hit by the door so many times xD

Nice story! I wonder how this story will end. I mean, what will do Whitney.
wolf12832 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014
Will in a way, this was a Slap-stick-happy chapter before the more serious one, which is on hold as I wait for Samusagi.
Hina-Monoko Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I see. Well, good luck in working on it C:
wolf12832 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014
Yep. If I don't hear from her, I'll finish it as best as I can, and have Kazu and Melfara help me out.
Hina-Monoko Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't see a reason why wouldn't she respond to you.
I can't wait for it >< Samusagi and Whitney both of them are strong.
wolf12832 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014
She is responding. It took Kaeda and Morgana little trouble to get Samusagi away from Whitney, but it took 4 of her classmates, one of them is Kiyoko, her cousin, a long time to JUST restrain her.
Hina-Monoko Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Whoah ._. Bloody battle is coming up.
wolf12832 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014
Yep, and Leonel's Mother and younger sister appears as well. *end of spoilers*
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Kazuhiku Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Me: It is awesome Wolf! :clap:

RK: *sigh* Looks like I won't have an secret with Sami-chan, anymore.  ~dearu
wolf12832 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014
Thank you. Like the cliff-hanger?
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