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Thursey, Twenty-seventh of October 2016, @2200EST.

    Adolph put on the R.A.S.uniform, a grey jumpsuit with a black Military-style vest, black Military-style boots black Military gloves, and a reinforced mask. The shoulder patch shows the World of Remnant out of white on a black ocean. Above it is a old-fashioned scroll saying “Remnant” and the bottom scroll that is below the map says “Aide Society”. On the other arm is another patch that is full of color showing the topographical map of Menagerie. On top of that patch, which is in the form of a diamond, have the words “Menagerie Branch”. It took Adolph about a week to get used to the Military-style operation of the Aide Society on top of going to the school. Adolph was put onto a five member team, four agents and Commanding Officer. Their unit’s name is Unit A.M.A.R.A., which is short for Amaranth.


Then one day, they received a mission. Their commanding officer, a third-year member of the Society, was a Female with a Black Bear ears. She was rather tall for her age and gender, a trait some bear faunus share. While the four agents have generic grey human-like mask,  she sports a more customized mask.

“Listen up, agents.” The Bear Faunus said, “We gotten word that a village of Faunus and humans are being overridden by large numbers of Grimm. We approach this carefully.”

“Ma’am, Yes, Ma’am.” The agents said before the five board their ship and take part.

It took them four hours to arrive to the location where they see two people fighting the Grimm. One was a man in all grey with a ripped up cape. The other one is a masked woman with black wings. As soon as Adolph saw them, he leapt out of the plane. As soon as he was close enough, he reposed himself and lands on a building and join them. Soon, the other four jumped down and the Leader grabbed Adolph.


“Hey.” The man said, “Leave him be. You remind me too much like Ironwood. So, shut up.”

She growls at the man, “SHUT UP, HUMAN! WE AREN’T YOUR SLAVE!”

Adolph got out of her grip and ran with the masked woman. While the others watched, they could see how in-sync Adolph and his friend were. Not a single line of dialogue between the two, yet they know what the other was going to do towards the Grimm. After a well-hard-fought battle, The two groups stare down each other. The Officer lifts up her mask revealing her face and she was clearly angry at them.


Adolph huffed, “Shut up, Alloy.”

Alloy snapped towards him, “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAID!?”

“I agree with him.” THe man known as Qrow said.

Alloy looked at Qrow, “SHUT UP, YOU DRUNK!”

“Your anti-human speil is borderline treasonous. Our government have announced that White Fang assoration is illegal. The way you were talking, sounds like what a White Fang would say.”

Allow growls and grab him by the throat, “THAT’S IT! YOU ARE CROSSING THE LINE!” and she drew her gun.

The other two agents, both were girls, aimed at Alloy, “He’s a Chanteloup. If anything, he’ll go through the courts while you are expandable.”

Alloy growls and aim at them, but they fired first. Alloy was sent flying into a tree. After she collasped, the two ran over and handcuffed her with very strong arm restraints. Albus lifts up his mask and takes Alloy’s Mask.

“Well, this is going to be interesting to tell the others when we get back.”

Adolph nods, ‘You go on ahead. I got some business to take care of first.”

“Sounds good, but catch up quickly.” Albus slaps Adolph’s shoulder and nods, “Don’t take too long.”

“Got it.” Adolph said to him before Albus left with the other members. Then she faced Qrow and ‘Nightingale’, “How’s the teams holding up?”

“Well, LOVE still want to harm you. Team KUMA is coming to terms with you lying to them.” Nightingale said to Adolph.

“Well, tell them that I still have the feather that she gave me.” Adolph said, “And you have a nest waiting for you.”

Nightingale smiles behind her mask, “Wonderful.”

“Now, if you two excuse me, I need to get going.” Adolph winks at Nightingale before chasing after his team.

“All done, Adolph?” Albus asked.

“Yeah. Let’s get out of here.” Adolph said and climbs in.

As the Airship was in the air for about an hour.Adolph walked into the pilot area. Albus glared at  the old commanding officer.

“When we get back, we will figure out if you have White Fang association.”

As Albus was talking, Adolph was talking back to the Society Commander. While they were talking back-and-forth, with the entire thing being recorded, another airship appeared alongside.

“What the?” Adolph said before increasing his volume, “SIr! We have a White Fang Airship!”

Then an explosion happened. Adolph ran into the crew area and joined in the fray with the White Fang. Then the Menagerie Airship blew up. One of the scrap metal bonked Adolph in the head, knocking him out.  While he and Albus were knocked out, they were scooped up and carried away. The next thing he knows as he regained conscious, was the head of a cane smashing into his jaw.

“WAKE UP, FAUNUS!” The recognizable and annoying voice of Roman Torchwick yelled at Adolph.

After taking another hit, Adolph managed to dodge the last one, despite how tightly restrained he is. Adolph looked up and glared.

“Roman bloody Torchwick.”

“Hello, again, Adolph Baskerville.” Roman glared, “Glad to see you again so I can punish you.”

“I’m quite certain you would like to.” Adolph smiles before hissing in pain as a blade went into his leg.”Who the hell!?”

Then a girl appeared and smiles sweetly at him. She have two hair colors, brown and pink, in the Cruella De Vil color pattern. She was wearing a white dress and black boots. She have a clear Heterochromia in her genetics. .

“This is my lovely assistant, Neo.” Roman smiles, “She’s a bit of a Mute.”

“Why would someone whom could be a Huntress ever want to join your sorry a-Ugh!” Adolph said before Neo’s blade was shoved an inch deeper, causing him to hiss in pain, “Woman, you are really making it hard for me to remain gentlemanly with you. Like, seriously.”

“I got other business. Neo, feel free to torture him all you like. Keep him alive, through.” Roman said with a smile.

Neo bowed to show that she will obey and accepts her role. For about an hour, Neo would stab and twist her blade within Adolph’s body. Annoyed by this, he used his Semblance to get behind her. As soon as his previous form dissolved into dust, Neo turned around, only to get a face full of metal, knocking her out. Adolph picks up a key and unlocks his restraints.

“Sorry about that, Kid. Nothing personal, but I do need to get back.” Then Adolph realized he had no Society-Issued weapon, so he took Neo’s umbrella and sword.

As he snuck around the base, taking very careful means of stabbing and silencing only those he has to take out. He soon came across another interrogation room. In here, Alloy was doing Drowning Torture. Adolph sneaked carefully before stabbing her in the back and a punch to the head to knock her out. Then he freed Albus from the slab.

“Where’s that woman?” Albus growled.

“Stabbed in the back and knocked out. A bit symbolic of what she did to us, but let’s try to find any others and get out of here.”

Albus shooked his head, “There’s no other. That witch there shot the Pilot and our two teammates in the head before cuffing me and pulling your knocked out body back to their base. Also, it is a submarine.”

“That’s just great. Guess we need to find Torpedo tubes, get close to the surface and jettison ourselves away.” Adolph sighs.

“We could get one of their airships and book it.” Albus suggested.

“Sounds like an equally-crazy, but safer than my approach. Either way, we need to get their armory.” Adolph nod, “Care to lead?”

“Are you sure?” Albus asked.

“Well, you know the layout better than me. Also, this could be your way to unleash some pented up anger.”

Albus nods, “Sounds good. Let’s go.”

Adolph nods and follows Albus. They sneaked through the halls until they found the Armory. Albus grabbed a Rifle while Adolph grabs six pistols. As they ran to the Airship Bay, they were blasting their way through. When they reached the bay, they saw three airships and a smaller fighter-plane-like airship. They decided on the fighter-plane model.

“Tell me you know how to drive that blasted thing.” Adolph asked as he blasted some White Fang in the chest.

“I do. It’s not law, but it is recommended to learn how to fly or boat.” Albus said as he reached the plane and climbed in.

Adolph shot at, and triggered, the launching sequence. Then he climbed into gunner seat and strapped in before the thing was jettisoned out of a cannon. The pressure from the launch pushed Adolph’s insides get sucked into the seat. As soon as the initial launch was over, Adolph sighs as his body return to normal. Adolph looked where they were launched towards and saw all white.

“Shit, dude. I think we are in Atlas Airspace.”

“What makes you say that?” Albus asked.

Then no less than ten Atlas Gunships surrounded them, to which Adolph replied, “Outside of a pure-white ground, those gunships.”

Then a voice came over the intercom, “Unidentified Vehicle. Identify yourself or we will open fire.”

Albus activated his intercom, “This is Albus Greyfox of Menagerie. We just escaped a White Fang Submarine that is currently in your waters.”

Then Adolph noticed the Gunships guns are aiming at them, “Hold your Freaking Fire! You attack us, and you’ll be attacking Menagerie AND VALE! CONTACT OZPIN!”

Meanwhile, after hearing that, the commander had made contact with the Airship commander, a woman with hair as white as Ice with a personality to match.

“Sir.” The woman said.

“Let them land. I was talking to Ozpin just as that guy yelled. Ozpin told me who it was and he is allow to land. Give them that.” The Commander said.

The woman looked annoyed, “Yes, Sir.” then when the feed went out, she looked at the other soldiers, “Tell them to land. And remove the guns.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” the guy said, just as the turrents swiveled away, “Commander gave you permission to land.”

Thank you.” Albus said, sounded a bit angered, “What finally caused them to back down?”

“Easy. Their Commander and Ozpin are sort-of buddies. The least they could do is let us to land and make contact with Menagerie. Now, I know you and your anger management issue was born and raised in Menagerie, but I grew up in Vale. So, let me do the talking.”

“Sounds good.” Albus said as he began the descent.

A few minutes later, they landed and a whole row of soldiers were armed. Adolph jumps out and watches them.

“Bring us to Ironwood.” Adolph simply said, “We won’t fight. Just bring us there.”

Then the soldiers did just that. They brought Adolph and Albus up to Ironwood’s office. Inside was Ironwood and Winter. It was fully metal and cold, just like a machine.

“Cold and expressionless. Typical for an Atlas Robot.” Albus said after a minute.

“Why you little.” The woman begin to say, but was stopped.

“Schnee. Enough.” Ironwood said.

“Yes, Sir.” Winter said with a sigh.

“Forgive him, Ironwood. He isn’t that good at controlling his temper, even under the best situations. All I ask is for the right to contact Menagerie and a place to stay until they arrive.”

“Alright. I know Menagerie tech works differently then ours, but feel free to use our network to amplify your own. Since you are from Vale and Menagerie, I can have Schnee bring you to the Faunus choose to live. Surely one of them will help you from there.”

Adolph nod, “Thank you, Ironwood. We shall take our leave then.”

“Right.” He simply said.

Then Adolph and Albus left the room. Adolph looked at Albus, “Are you trying to cause trouble. There’s just so much I can cover for you.”

“Sorry, Adolph.” Albus sighs.

They soon found the communication room and Adolph plugged in his PAW Pad and used it to contact Menagerie.

“Hello?” A female voice said before getting the information and saw Adolph’s face, “SIr Chanteloup. How may I help you?”

“Can you please contact Admiral Bilby if he wouldn’t mind coming up to Atlas to pick me and Albus up? We escaped White Fang and found ourselves in Atlas. Tell the Commander and Admiral that the White Fang have a Submarine and Alloy is a White Fang. She betrayed Menagerie for her anti-human rhoderic.”

“I’ll do that right now, Sir. Anything else?”

“Yeah. The names and next of kin of the three whom lost their lives. Have their bodies been recovered?”

She typed up some keys before looking back at him, “Yes. They have been recovered. All deceased. I’ll send you their names and such into your PAW Pad. Their bodies are in the morgue undergoing examination and storage for the funeral. I’ll let them know that you and agent Albus are both alive so that you two can attend as soon as you can.”

“Thank you, Ma’am.” Then Adolph hanged up and unplugged his Pad.

Then Winter lead them onto a troop transport. The driver drove to the southwest to a worst-for-wear town that used to be a city. They can see Faunus and some humans in the town. As soon as they got into the town square, the soldiers motioned them to get out.. As soon as they got out, the Troop Transport turns around and left. Albus rubs his arms.

“Sheesh. It is very cold. Colder then being in the air.”

“Yeah. Let’s go find someplace to stay for a bit.” Adolph said as he walked.

Then one girl, whom have a white fox tail walked up to them, “Need food and shelter?”

“And some warm clothes as well, if at all possible.” Adolph said.

She nods, “My family bought the old Schnee household and turned it into a hotel. You two can stay there. I can even give you a tour of the town once we get you settled in.”

Adolph smiles at her, “That’ll be lovely. Thank you for your hospitality.”

She smiles and leads them. They soon found a decently sized house and entered it. Inside they see an old banner with a black background and a white hearth with a crimson flame. Albus recognizes the emblem instantly.

“Mantle.” Then he looked at her, “We must be the old City of Mantle.”

She nods, “That you are correct. There are some families whom admit to the reality that Atlas is now the Kingdom. Others, like my family, still see the continent of Solitas as the Kingdom of Mantle. My Aunt runs a clothing shop while my Uncle runs the blacksmith shop. Also, those whom still believe that this is Kingdom of Mantle, you won’t find any technology that is connected to the CCTV Towers.”

Then a human woman came out, “Lemon, can you….” then she see the two men, “Oh. We have guests.”

“Yes, Mother. From the look of their uniforms, they are from Menagerie.” Lemon smiles.

“Well, Room One is avaliable. They can use that one..”

“Thank you, Ma’am.” Adolph bows before Lemon lead them to the room, “How big is the room?”

“Decently sized.” Lemon said, then she unlocks the door and opens, “Feel free to come to the front desk once you are ready for that tour.”

“Thank you, Lemon.” Adolph said before she left and they checked out the room.

The room was a simple-fancy style going on. There is enough room for two beds and plenty more room to walk around without bumping into each other. After figuring out which bed was whose, they went downstairs where Lemon was waiting. Soon, Lemon was giving them the tour.

“What made your family want to live in Atlas-Mantle?” Albus asked.

“My family were brought here as slaves to help with the Dust mines. After some time, three nice human families freed us and gave us a run-down house. Over time, we work very hard and we earned enough to buy that building and turn it into a hotel and home. While our town is crumbling, we still love it.” Then she brought them to the Tailor Shop, “Here’s my Auntie’s place.”

“Quaint little place.” Adolph commented.

“She’ll thank you for that.” Lemon said before leading them inside, “Warm clothes are in order.”

A human woman with Spartan Crimson hair smiles at them, “Welcome. From the look of those outfits, you two aren’t from around here. Come in and look around.”

As they were looking around, the woman and Lemon were looking at the two men. After about an hour of looking around and choosing what they need, they left. Adolph was wearing a cloak. Luckily for them, the tailor accepted Menagerie money and Adolph asked them to send him the bill when they leave. Next, they came across a man with Zinnwaldite Brown hair that goes down to his shoulderblades. He is a clear Owl Faunus and he is a Blacksmith. The blacksmith gave them simple weapons to use and keep. After the tour, they had homemade meal before going into their room to sleep.

(End of this chapter)

I originally wrote this to be more about Team Circus, but decided on making things a bit more interesting. Also, Yes, the episode that involves Atlas and the Schnees came out today, but since I don't have RoosterTeeth First (their Premium service). As thus, I have to wait a week (as my computer is a bit of a Donkey) for it to come out on YouTube.

Canon characters: RoosterTeeth
Albus: Blazefan3669 :iconblazefan3669:
All others: Mine.
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